Optimize Instagram for SEO with Alt-text

Alt-text is everywhere on the Internet, you might not see it, but it’s there, and now it’s on Instagram! Instagram recently updated its platform to allow users to search by keywords to find content. Being able to search by keyword is a relatively big change for surfacing content, especially from a platform that has been notoriously frustrating with its limited ability to perform keyword searches.

Previously, users were only able to search the platform for hashtags or accounts. So if you wanted to search for something such as “inspirational quotes” you could only search it through hashtags such as “#inspirationalquotes” and the posts that are tagged with the hashtag would appear in the search results. By using the alt-text feature, you can increase your reach and have your content be discovered easier! 

Instagram Keywords in Image Alt Tags

The platform already uses object recognition technology, so when alt text is provided, it acts as a helpful relevance signal for the search engine or, in the case of Instagram, the algorithm which “understands” more clearly the target keyword behind the image. When it comes to Instagram, the