At Idea Marketing Group we’re often asked by our current and potential clients, “Should I be on every social media platform?” 

Simply put, the answer is usually no. Not every platform is the right fit for every business. For some, Facebook and LinkedIn are better, while for other businesses Twitter and Instagram are more appropriate. Marketing on multiple social platforms is a great idea, but if the content and audience are all wrong, or if the branding isn’t right marketing on that platform is destined for failure.

When we meet and consult with our clients, we suggest using a few social media platforms, at the most 2-3 on which to publish content. It’s important not to spread yourself thin when using social media. We suggest starting with at least 2 platforms and building it up with consistency. Using social media for your business is great, but only if you are engaging and monitoring it on a daily basis. Social Media Marketing is time-consuming, so it’s best to be smart and stay focused. 

In our blog discussing why you need a Social Media Manager, we highlight some tools you can use to manage your platforms effectively.

Who’s on What Social Media Platforms? 

Depending on demographics and the targeted users, there are certain platforms companies should avoid. The demographics are different for each platform, and it’s important to know what they are. Social media management platform Idea Marketing Group, we not only help companies create their marketing strategy and content, but we also help manage social media platforms for businesses. Our Marketing team can help create a social media strategy for each platform, and execute it for your business. Learn more and get started by contacting us today.